20th & 21st April 2021

OBE Digital Expo 2021

News in Eyewear Hinge Technology


OBE Digital Expo 2021

News in Eyewear Hinge Technology

20th & 21st April 2021
  • Presentation of new products
  • Go Green! Sustainable hinges for the future
  • Hinge solutions for different frame materials
  • Global networking
  • Discussion of tailor made projects

Our products stand for

  • Functional design
  • Maximum comfort
  • Extreme durability
  • Robustness & stability
  • Perfect fit & zero rocking

Meet and greet with the hinge specialist

OBE Digital Expo 2021

  20th & 21st April 2021

   9am – 6pm CET

    Innovative & functional technology meets outstanding design

    Meet the global leader in hinge technology for eyewear on our Digital Expo 2021 and discover our innovative and sustainable hinge technologies! Driven by our claim to reach perfection, we continuously develop new standard and tailor-made products which improve the comfort and safety on all kinds of spectacles.

    While setting new standards in saving resources to protect the environment, our main goal is to offer a world-wide service with a consistent quality and thus maximize customer satisfaction for our partners.

    Meet us now at the OBE Digital Expo 2021!







    OBE – your no. 1 choice for standard products & tailor made projects

    OBE GmbH & Co. KG is one of the very few international large-scale manufacturers of eyewear components. Our mission is to offer an optimum articulation comfort for frames.

    Our production plant in Germany with an integrated quality management system is characterized by the latest manufacturing methods. Our production facility GLOBE Precision Ltd. in China offers standard and tailor-made hinges for the Asian market. With world-wide 450 employees OBE has three subsidiaries in Italy, Hong Kong and China as well as further representations in all other key markets. This international network is one of the most important aspects for our customers.